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Mark Twain visited Hawaii in the 1860s... he said of the islands, "No other land could so longingly and beseechingly haunt my sleeping and waking, through half a lifetime, as Hawaii has done. Other things leave me, but it abides. "

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Kualoa Ranch ATV Tour

The Kualoa Ranch on Oahu is the site of many Hollywood movie sites such as a Jurassic Park, Lost, 50 First Dates and Pearl Harbor. You can tour these sites by horseback, on a 6-wheel drive Swiss Pinzgaueror, on a personal ATV. The tour described here is the 2-hour ATV tour. Information on how to sign up for the tour is at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

Kualoa ATV Tour 1

Kuola ATV Tour 2

Scenic views everywhere


Kualoa ATV Tour 3

Cafe, Store and Ticket Office

Kualoa ATV Tour 4

Horseback tours are another option

Kualoa ATV Tour 5

Once you get some instructions and pick a helmet, you are off on the trails.

Kualoa ATV Tour 6

A small "training" course is at the start to make sure you can drive the ATV.

Kualoa ATV Tour 7

For those that don't want to (or can't) drive an ATV, they can ride along in this vehicle.

Kualoa ATV Tour 8

First stop on the 2-hour tour is a WWII Army fortress carved into a mountain -- inside are a lot of posters and artifacts from movies filmed at the ranch.

Kualoa ATV Tour 9

This is the submarine from Lost

Kualoa ATV Tour 10

Kualoa ATV Tour 11

The old WWII fortress is HUGE and impressive.

Kualoa ATV Tour 12

Footprints left over from Mighty Joe Young.

Kualoa ATV Tour 13

Tour bus.

Kualoa ATV Tour 14

Hurley's golf course is located on the tour as shown here. Just behind this spot is where Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and the two children (from Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park) meet up with a large herd of duckbills and hadrosaurs fleeing a ferocious T-Rex. You can even hide under the same fallen tree where they all hid from the mighty T-Rex.

Kualoa ATV Tour 19

Behind the "Golf Course" -- here is the tree from the chase scene in Jurrasic Park.


Kualoa ATV tour 15

As you arrive at spots of interest, you leave your ATV for a while, and look around.

Kualoa ATV Tour 16

This is a left over set from Journey2: Mysterious Island (Journey to the Mysterious Island) -- a 2012 release 3D action-adventure film that is the sequel to the film Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Kualoa ATV tour 17

More from the same set.

Kualoa ATV Tour 18

An example of an Hawaiian village.

There are many more stops, plus a lot is sights you see while driving your ATV. You'll get dirty from the dust/dirt and some people wear a scarf over their mouths. You are provided eyewaer to protect your eyes. If you're going somewhere after your tour, you might want to bring a clean shirt to change into. The tour is exciting and worth the trip. You must be at least 16 years old to drive an ATV.

To sign up for this and other tours, go to the Kualoa Ranch website here. Tell them Fun Time Hawaii sent you.