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"I consider WINKS a treasure."
- Bill Lafitte, Pepperdine University - GSEP


 "I recommend WINKS to anyone who needs a quick and easy program to perform data analysis."  Dr. Wayne Woodward, Southern Methodist University

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WINKS SDA Professional Edition

Statistical Software for Data Analytics

"No programming required ... to perform any analysis in WINKS."

See description of WINKS BASIC for data handling and program function.

WINKS Professional will help you get the answers you need. Here's how... WINKS Professional Edition includes all features in WINKS BASIC ... PLUS...

  • Grubbs test for outliers & Tukey's outlier test
  • Advanced Tabulation allows breakdown of tables by three factors with various statistics included in each cell.
  • The Mantel-Haenszel procedure allows analysis of multi-way tables (useful in meta-analysis, when you want to pool information from several 2x2 tables or for the analysis of two dichotomous variables while adjusting for third.)
  • Inter/Rater Reliability & Kappa allows analysis of reliability data that includes both Kappa and Weight Kappa analyses including confidence intervals
  • Two Factor Analysis of Variance can handle unbalanced data and includes graphs and post hoc multiple comparisons
  • Two-way ANOVA with Repeated Measures includes graphs and post hoc tests.
  • Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) includes graphs and post hoc tests
  • Three-Way ANOVA
  • Polynomial Regression up to 6th order sextic regression with graphs
  • Stepwise regression for multiple linear regression modeling
  • All possible subsets regression finds best models for multiple linear regression
  • Simple and Multiple Logistic Regression-- allows you to fit up to 10 independent variables in a logistic model, includes calculation of parameters and odds ratios with 95% confidence and an ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristic) curve and probability for AUC (Area under the curve)
  • Bland-Altman plots for comparison of two similar measures, includes a plot of equality as well as the Bland-Altman plot
  • Multiple comparisons (Newman-Keuls, Tukey HSD, or Scheffé), calculate custom post hoc multiple comparisons that include a graphical summary of results
  • Time series analysis including help in determining the best ARMA model (using AIC, AICC or BIC), data plotting, autocorrelations, partial autocorrelations, estimating parameters (Burg, MLE and Yule-Walker), differencing and forecasting. The program allows you to estimate the parameters of an ARMA model and create a forecast using your model (using three forecasting techniques). The forecast can then be displayed and captured as numbers in a file.
  • Quality Control charts and procedures allows you to create X-Bar Charts, R-Charts, S-Charts, EWMA, MR-Charts, I-Charts and P-Charts. It will automatically calculate 3-sigma limits, or you can specify your own limits. Data replicates can be balanced or unbalanced. X-Bar Charts can be displayed on the same screen with an R-Chart or an S-Chart.
  • The Pareto Chart procedure allows you to display Pareto charts, which are used to determine priorities for quality improvement. The by-group feature allows you to display charts by a grouping factor (i.e., day of week, operator.)
  • Forest plots for display of meta-analysis results.
Following are sample graphs from WINKS Professional SDA

Two Way ANOVA Graph
Interaction plot from Two-Way ANOVA

Ancova Plot

Example ANCOVA Plot

Polynomuial regression Plot
Polynomial regression plot

Quality Control Plot

Quality Control Plot


Time Series Spectrum

Time series spectrum plot

ROC Curve Logistic Regression
ROC Curve Logistic Regression


Aland Altman Plot

Bland Altman Plot

Forest Plot

Forest Plot (Meta-Analysis)

Some procedures in WINKS SDA Professional require Windows XP or higher.

WINKS PROFESSIONAL Edition: $229.00.

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