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Apple LogoFor a Windows program such as WINKS to run on the Mac, we recommend that you first install a copy of the Windows Operating System on the Mac.

Since there are so many Windows programs that cannot run directly on a Mac, Apple has provided a way to load and run Windows on the Mac. Installing Windows on your Mac is the easiest solution to run WINKS on a Mac computer, and it also gives you the ability to run many, many other Windows software programs. Here are instructions from Apple.

If you are at a university, your university may provide Windows free or your campus bookstore may have an inexpensive copy of Windows that you can purchase to place on your Mac. Any version of Windows from Windows 98 forward will do.

We do not support these techniques, but we report them here from people who have reported successes in Running WINKS on a Mac:

January 2014 -- Run WINKS using Parallels. Make sure you run so that Windows is not run in Coherence mode within Parallels. Othewise graphs may cause an error. Here is the website:

September, 2013 -- Students recently reported that they were able to run WINKS on a Mac using the free WineBottler program. Here is a link to that program WINEBOTTLER

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