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WINKS SDA Provides Professional, Quick, and Understandable Results

WINKS SDA Helps you perform the data analysis you need quickly, professionally and with undestandable results.

Data entry and manipulation

Spreadsheet data entry


SDA performs standard statistical calculations such as:

  • Descriptive statistics (means, standard deviations, median, etc.)
  • Cp and Cpk analysis (QC)
  • Statistics by group
  • Statistics from counts
  • Percentile calculations
  • Graph features: Histograms, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, time series plots, stem and leaf, scatterplot, fitted regression line, matrix of scatterplots,  etc.
  • Create Excel charts
  • t-tests -- single sample, independent group and paired t-test
  • t-test from summary data
  • One-Way Analysis of variance with multiple compairisons (Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, Tukey) from raw or summarized data
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Dunnett's test (from raw or summarized data)
  • Frequency tables
  • Chi-square analysis (Goodness of fit, crosstabulation) including Fisher's Exact test
  • Correlation (Pearson and Spearman)
  • Comparison of proportions
  • Point biserial correlation
  • Regression, including simple linear and multiple linear.
  • Nonparametric analyses (Two group, multiple group, repeated measures -- Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman's test, Wilcoxen, Cochran's Q, McNemar's test)
  • Survival analysis (Actuarial and Kaplan Meier -- comparison by group using Mantel-Haenszel)
  • Simulations -- Central limit theorem, confidence intervals, coin flip


It's guaranteed!

And yes, WINKS SDA works on Windows XP (as well as Windows 2000, NT, 98, ME and 95.) Choose WINKS SDA BASIC or WINKS PROFESSIONAL Edition. 

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EASY TO USE. Thousands of educators, researchers, marketers, statisticians, and governmental analysts just like you use WINKS SDA-- in more than 60 countries -- in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia, Italy, and many more! Why? Because WINKS makes data analysis easy and quick.

"We were using another statistics program, but we switched to WINKS because it does the job we need. It's easy to use and simple to understand. I recommend WINKS to anyone who needs a quick and easy program to perform data analysis." -- Dr. Wayne Woodward, SMU

We looked at both SPSS and WINKS. We chose WINKS because it was the easiest to use." -- Dr. Nancy Anderson, Liberty University.

"[WINKS is] brilliant to teach students statistics with the null and alternative hypotheses." -- Dr. Jorgen Fabricius, Denmark.

"[It is] the simplest and most intuitive system I've tried." -- Dr. James Schlesselman of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

DOCUMENTED WITH A REAL MANUAL.  WINKS SDA comes with a REAL 200+ page printed manual full of hand-holding examples and explanations -- not just a crummy help file. (Although WINKS also includes an extensive help file as well)

CLASSROOM FRIENDLY.  Thousands of students have used WINKS SDA in class to supplement their statistics textbook. WINKS SDA provides easy access to statistical procedures, helps teach what hypothesis is being tested, and gives support on what the analysis means and how to interpret it. Professors, click here for information on Student Versions of WINKS SDA. Are you a student? Students, click here for more info.

EASY TO ORDER. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Our 30 day no-questions asked return policy allows you to buy now with no risk by clicking here.

EXPERIENCED. TexaSoft has been providing quality software since 1981.


WINKS SDA BASIC Edition features

  • Designed for researchers who need to get statistical answers quickly. Plenty of examples are available to get you started. Hundreds of hours of working with consultants and researchers went in to creating the interface as well as creating understandable examples and program output.

  • Descriptive statistics include: mean, standard deviation, variance, median, minimum, maximum, standard error of the mean, percentile calculations, Tukey 5 number summary, confidence intervals, detailed Cp and Cpk calculations, and more. Descriptive graphics include a histogram with a normal curve fit, a box-and whiskers plot, cumulative normal and cumulative distribution graph.

This is a 3-D bar chart produced by WINKS.

  • Graphs include: Histogram with bell curve fit, comparison charts including box-and-whiskers plot, mean chart, median chart, and standard error chart. Also available are a multiple group (XY) scatterplot, multiple correlation scatterplot, survival analysis plot, and more. First Impression charts give you a wide range of graph display options including 3D, tape, area, pie and more.

    This example graphic from WINKS shows split windows containing descriptive statistics output and an associated histogram with a fitted bell curve.

  • T-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) features include independent group t-tests and analysis of variance (up to 20 groups), paired t-tests and repeated measures analysis of variance, single sample analysis of variance and Dunnett's test. You can perform most of these analyses from raw data or from summary information.

  • Non-parametric analyses include Mann-Whitney, and Kruskal-Wallis analyses for independent groups. Wilcoxon's Signed Rank Test and Friedman's test is provided for paired or repeated measures analysis. Cochran's Q test is provided for dichotomous data analysis.

  • Frequency and Crosstabulation includes Goodness of fit test, Frequency distribution, McNemar's test, Chi-square, Fisher exact test (one and two-tailed), Yate's Chi-square, Phi and Cramer's V, Relative Risk, Odds Ratio and comparison of proportions.

  • Regression and Correlation features include simple linear and multiple regression, point-biserial correlaiton, correlation matrix, R-square and Adjusted R-square, Pearson's and Spearman's coefficient tests for significance, data plots and residual plots, point biserial correlation, and regression through the origin.

  • Survival Analysis includes actuarial and Kaplan-Meier life tables and comparison of survival curves.

  • Simulations and Demonstrations include a coin flip simulation, a confidence intreval simulation and a central limit theorem demonstration.

  • WINKS uses industry standard dBASE files. Easily import from Excel or from other programs such as MSAccess and 123. Also imports ASCII files from other programs, which makes getting your data into WINKS quick and easy.

  • Print results or capture text and graphic output for inclusion in reports or other word processed documents.

  • Repeat the last analysis type with one click.

  • Help includes over 200K of examples and explanations, along with full documentation manual.

    WINKS BASIC Edition: $99.00



WINKS SDA PROFESSIONAL edition features:
  • WINKS Professional includes ALL FEATURES OF WINKS BASIC EDITION plus...
  • The Advanced Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) module includes two factor analysis of variance (balanced or unbalanced), paired and repeated measures analysis, three-factor ANOVA, and Analysis of Covariance. Analysis of Variance output includes a summary listing of the input data, ANOVA Table, multiple comparisons (Newman-Keuls, Tukey HSD, or Scheffé), graphical summary of multiple comparisons and interaction plots. ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) output includes significance tests and graphical output showing line comparisons.

This plot is a part of the Analysis of Covariance output.

  • The Time Series procedure includes data plotting, autocorrelations, partial autocorrelations, automated help in choosing an ARMA (Box-Jenkins type) model, estimating parameters, differencing and forecasting. The program allows you to formulate a model (it will help you select a model using the W-Statistic technique), estimate the parameters of the model and create a forecast using your model (using three forecasting techniques). The forecast can then be displayed and captured as numbers in a file.
  • The Quality Control procedure allows you to create X-Bar Charts, R-Charts, S-Charts, EWMA, MR-Charts,  I-Charts and P-Charts. It will automatically calculate 3-sigma limits, or you can specify your own limits. Data replicates can be balanced or unbalanced. X-Bar Charts can be displayed on the same screen with an R-Chart or an S-Chart.

    This example graphic from WINKS is an X-Bar and R-Chart display from the Quality Control Chart option.

  • The Pareto Chart procedure allows you to display Pareto charts, which are used to determine priorities for quality improvement. The by-group feature allows you to display charts by a grouping factor (i.e., day of week, operator.)
  • The Advanced Regression procedure includes the following features: Polynomial Regression allows you to fit up to a sextic regression. All Possible Regressions analysis allows you to examine a large number of regression models so you can choose the one that best fits the data. Stepwise Selection allows you to quickly consider a large number of possible variables. WINKS also include simple logistic regression. It uses both forward and backward selection procedures, and allows you to specify entry and elimination thresholds.
  • Advanced Tabulation allows more detailed analysis of surveys, questionnaires and other count (categorical data) and allows you to create detailed tables on up to three variables at a time.
  • Additional Professional features include the ability to Sort a database, plus the Multiple Comparisons procedure allows you to perform custom multiple comparison procedures using Newman-Keuls, Tukey HSD, Scheffe', or Dunnett's test on up to 20 groups.

    WINKS PROFESSIONAL Edition: $229.00

General WINKS Features

Both WINKS SDA versions includes these features:
  • WINKS on-screen help contains more than 200K of information -- including step-by-step examples of most analysis types.
  • Select often-used options with one click of an icon. Repeat your last analysis type with only one click -- even if you have ended WINKS and returned.
  • WINKS contains a Journal that allows you to place portions of analysis results in a file -- collecting all of your important results in one place -- so you can print, save or import them into a word processor later.
  • The WINKS data spreadsheet now allows you to enter a formula for a column, and it will remember the formula, and automatically recalculate entries as you enter or change numbers. Also, you can add and delete records or fields on the fly, and change field specifications (i.e. name, width, etc) directly from the spreadsheet. New temporary delete and undelete options make creating a subset database a breeze.

This is an example of the data entry spreadsheet used by WINKS.

  • For some analyses, you can now display text and graphic output on the same screen. Graphs are automatically resized to fit on whatever size you make your window.
  • Copy analysis output (both graphic and text) in the Windows clipboard for easy transfer to other programs. Or, save the output to a file. . . . And much, much more.
  • Available for all versions of Windows -- XP, ME, 98, NT, 95, 2000.

More Details about WINKS SDA...

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